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Cryptocurrency is an exciting area of growth. How you get involved depends on your technical aptitude and your appetite for risk. Whether by mining or investing, there is money to make in crypto.


Although blockchain was originally invented to process the digital currency Bitcoin, the tech community is now finding other potential uses for the technology. Blockchain is on the leading edge of innovation.


Technology is literally changing the agricultural landscape. Plant genetics is taking center stage, along with Internet of things (IoT) remote sensors monitoring all aspects of garden dynamics.

After twenty years of mostly working in the fast-paced world of technology, I've successfully transitioned to an entrepreneurial experience that drives my every day with exciting opportunities in the fields I enjoy the most. If you like what you're reading, and our interests align let's connect and discuss the possibilities.


My expertise is Demand Process Re/Engineering. I help businesses align with their buyers.

You want your Demand Process to be more than just effective, you want it to be the driving force behind revenue and business growth. My team and I evaluate and tune all the components that make up your business' Demand Process - from organizational design and processes governing business collaboration, to the systems and data that enable efficiency, delivers actionable insights, and drives ROI. We are Demand Mechanics.

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